Lefkada is the fourth largest island in the Ionian Sea. It is situated between Corfu and Kefalonia, near the southwestern side of Etoloakarnania.

The tour begins on the island of Lefkada bridge, which connects with the rest of Greece and is the road linking the island. 

The town is 385chlm of 420kms from Athens and Thessaloniki. 

Nidri on the east side of Lefkada and is considered among the most developed tourist resorts on the island with a small, picturesque and beautiful beach. 

Every summer becomes the destination of many tourists. It has plenty of shops, restaurants and nightclubs. 

The view is magnificent as the area in front of the Princess lie scattered like Scorpio, Sparta, Skorpidi, Meganissi and the peninsula of Agia Kyriaki.

Center has organized water sports and diving enthusiasts species but also for those who want a first contact with sports. 

Nidri has its own small and picturesque harbor from which run daily cruises to the most famous beaches of Lefkada Porto as kids and Egremni, Kefalonia Ithaca and Meganissi Paxos and ferry that connect with the beautiful Meganissi .

Nidri is an ideal stay, after the position was browsing around the island becomes an easy and enjoyable experience.



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